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Mrs. Birdia Keglar was a civil rights activist who worked diligently to ensure African –Americans in Tallahatchie County were afforded justices, privileges and dignities that all people, regardless of race are entitled.  Each year we have tried to embed community activities that represent the true attributes of Mrs. Keglar who led by example and became the first person to vote within the walls of the Courthouse since Reconstruction.


We are honored to have attained the following accolades as tributes to Mrs. Keglar’s work and purpose:  June 1, (Mrs. Keglar’s birthday) has been proclaimed a local holiday; a portion of Highway 35 North was dedicated the Birdia Keglar Memorial Highway; three BK Pioneer awards were presented to individuals who worked alongside Mrs. Keglar; an annual scholarship is granted to a deserving young female student; the Birdia Keglar Legacy Award is presented bi-annually to an entity that contributes to and participates in the betterment  of the community; the Birdia Keglar Leadership Initiative makes contributions to the student council of local school; on-going partnership with other entities in the community to encourage civic engagement.


Your financial contribution will go towards the expenses associated with the scholarship and all activities scheduled. The scholarship has allowed the amazing young women attached to begin their college education with fewer expenses.  The plan is to make an even larger contribution to new winners. 


Please make tax-deductible checks or money orders payable to: “Birdia Keglar Legacy Fund” and mail your contributions to the address listed below.  You can also make online donations by visiting the website.  Your continued support makes this yearly event possible! 


Your suggestions are requested as this legacy reflects your support and effort.

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